Orange raises the compensation in the ERE to 49 days per year

Orange Spain and the unions have met today around the negotiating table for the employment regulation file (ERE), which will affect a maximum of 455 people. Thus, the operator has introduced various improvements. Thus, according to union sources, the severance payments go up to 49 days per year worked, with the exception of those incorporated since 2018, and those over 65 who stay in the 20 days. The teleco maintains the cap of 24 monthly payments and the definition of the regulatory salary.

In turn, early retirements raise incomes to 85% net of the fixed salary up to 61 years of age plus social contributions up to 63 years of age.

In this sense, the unions have requested that, as a minimum, the variable be added to the calculation so that the assigned workforce does not have an excessive financial hardship and that the payment of rents be extended to 63 so that there is no period without income between the end of income and early retirement.

In addition, the majority voluntary assignment is maintained, but it is not guaranteed that there will be no forced; and criteria of not being affected are introduced, such as disability, pregnant women and only one of a marriage. The unions assure that they have decided not to enter to discuss because they continue insisting on a 100% voluntary ERE.

The veto on voluntariness will only be exercised if voluntarily exceeds 50% of the staff of a team. The execution period is extended to all of 2021, and an outplacement program is defined to which all affected persons can be assigned.


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