Ontex inaugurates one of the largest self-consumption solar energy projects in Spain

Ontex has inaugurated a large solar roof at its factory in Valverde de Majano, in the province of Segovia. Annick De Poorter, vice president of R&D, quality and sustainability at Ontex, says that now “we can produce a large part of the electricity that we need to make essential hygiene items. This is another step towards our goal of having carbon neutral operations. By 2030, we will achieve this goal through on-site renewable energy production, through energy savings, purchasing electricity from renewable sources, and carbon offsets through reforestation projects.

Since 2017, all of Ontex’s European factories in nine countries run 100% on electricity from renewable sources, combining on-site production and the purchase of renewable electricity through Energy Attributes Certificates (EACs). Seventy percent of Ontex’s production plants on five continents run on electricity from renewable sources.

The new solar installation was developed and financed by Menapy and will produce 3.9 GWh of electricity per year, equivalent to the annual consumption of about 1,000 homes. It is one of the five main solar roof systems for industrial self-consumption in Spain and the largest in Castilla y León.

Tom Pollyn, Menapy Managing Partner, commented: “This project marks an important milestone for Menapy in the Iberian Peninsula market. It crystallizes our extensive experience in industrial rooftop solar projects acquired in Belgium and confirms that our ‘Solar as a Service’ it can provide significant added value to high-consumption industries in Spain. Ontex has clear and ambitious goals in sustainability and savings in energy costs, and with this project we help them achieve both, without the need to invest economically. “

The director of the Ontex plant in Segovia, José Ignacio Luengo, added: “Our solar panels on the roof cover more than 20 percent of the electricity demand of the Segovia plant and offset 1,500 tons of CO2 per year, the equivalent of 23,000 trees, in a period of 30 years ”.

This inauguration of Segovia consolidates the success of Ontex in the implementation of solar projects on the roofs of its plants, after the last project also developed by Menapy at the company’s plant in Eeklo (Belgium) and which will continue with new opportunities that Ontex is studying.

For the construction of this solar roof system, Menapy had to deal with exceptional challenges posed by the climate of the Segovia region, with very high temperatures in summer and snow during the winter months.


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