The Norwegian low-cost airline Norwegian will reduce its workforce in Spain between 817 and 975 workers, according to the different figures managed by the company and unions, after reaching an agreement with the workers’ representatives, so the low-cost airline will maintain its activity in Spain.

According to company data, to which Efe had access, after “cleaning” the employee figures (due to previous leave and absence situations, among other reasons), the workforce in Spain was made up of 1,249 people, of whom they will leave through the employment regulation file (ERE) 817. In total, 65.4% of the total will be fired. The figures handled by both Sepla, on behalf of the pilots, and USO, on behalf of the cabin crew (TCP), place the workforce at 1,406 people and the layoffs total 975, with which the workforce reduction would affect almost 70%.

What the two parties do agree on is that a maximum of 434 workers will remain. Of them, 200 are TCPs and the remaining 16, pilots. Following this agreement, the group will reopen its operating bases in Malaga and Alicante on June 28, where employment is maintained for 234 workers.


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