Facebook has some news for its own platform, but also for Instagram Reels. Ads are being added to the currently popular format and there is also news for advertisers and creators on Facebook.

Anyone who has paid attention in recent years knows that video content is becoming more and more focused. Users love short or longer, but definitely entertaining videos, which they can find in Instagram Reels or IGTV, for example. Now the social app is launching new features that some may have been waiting for. The social media giant announces in a blog post that reels ads are coming and that there are new topic categories for in-stream ads, according to which suitable videos can be selected. It also introduces sticker ads that offer more monetization opportunities for creators.

Big news: Reels Ads on Instagram

In Germany, Brazil, India and Australia, the ads in the reels are the first to be rolled out. Many businesses are already active in Reels and present themselves and their products there. Due to the high reach that Instagram Reels currently allows, videos can be seen there by significantly more people than, for example, stories. Especially since reels are also viewed a lot by Instagram users who have not yet followed you. The possibility to place ads in this format did not exist before. Now the test run in the countries mentioned should show how companies use the Ads in Reels. Instagram may wish to derive further functions from this and from the reaction of users. The first companies to test Reels Ads are BMW and Westwing.

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Similar to story ads, reels ads are played between other reels in full screen mode. They can be up to 30 seconds long and just like organic reels, the reels ads can be liked, commented on, saved and forwarded. Users also have the option to simply skip them.

In-Stream Advertising: More precise targeting through sub-categories

Over two billion Facebook users watch videos that are approved for in-stream advertising every month. To help advertisers find the right environment for their advertisements, a global test is being launched today, giving advertisers new targeting options.

With the help of machine learning, advertisers can now choose between 20 different subject categories. There are major categories such as sport and sub-categories such as basketball, swimming or golf. Advertisers can choose between these in the Ad manager decide. With the more precise classification into categories and subcategories, the ads reach more interested video viewers. Instead of just advertising in sports videos, a baseball bat manufacturer could use the baseball sub-category for its advertisement. The other way around can also be used in the course of the brand safety features Content select next to which your own ads should not be displayed.

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Sticker Ads in Facebook Stories

The update also offers creators a new way of monetizing their accounts. The new sticker ads should initially only be tested with certain advertisers and creators. The selected creators could then incorporate sticker ads into their Facebook Stories and receive a share of the sales generated. Creators can choose from a selection of different stickers and integrate them into their story. These are clickable and redirect the user directly to a landing page. If a purchase is made there, the creators receive a proportion of the sales. With the new features, Facebook should initially give all advertisers and creators some incentives for their advertising strategy. It remains to be seen how the reels ads and sticker ads will be received by users.

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