Nano Influencer: How to use smaller accounts effectively for your social media marketing

The size is what matters? Not necessarily. We’ll show you how you can also reach your target group with nano influencers via social media.

Who at Influence Marketing thinks has great at first Social media Accounts with a high Range before your eyes. It can be very rewarding for marketing to also work with smaller accounts. Because Instagram, TikTok or Facebook profiles that do not have a very large number of followers often deal with more specific topics that are tailored to their target group. In this way, so-called nano influencer accounts with 1,000 to 10,000 followers can reach their subscribers more emphatically and influence them more strongly in their purchasing decisions.

How many followers do the individual influencer groups have ?, © Planoly

An analysis by the social media marketing agency Planoly showed that accounts that fall into the category of nano influencers show an interaction rate of seven percent. So that’s that Engagement higher for this account than for all other influencer groups. Nano influencers are also more frequently represented on social platforms. So for every mega influencer there are three profiles that can be classified in the nano influencer category.

Nano influencers have a higher interaction rate than all other influencer groups, © Planoly

Nano influencer: That’s why you should work with smaller social media accounts

That smaller and more niche accounts Reaching their target group better is no longer a secret. Isabelle Mayer, Founder of the influencer marketing agency Fab4Media and social media expert, summarized this in The Digital Bash Podcast aptly together:

If you have very specific things […] it makes total sense to use a micro or nano influencer. They often have a completely different closeness to their followers because they know more or less almost all of their followers.

Because of this proximity, many smaller influencers appear more credible than large accounts with hundreds of thousands of subscribers: inside. Planoly has summarized other reasons for working with creators who have between 1,000 and 10,000 followers in an infographic:

Five reasons why you should work with nano influencers, © Planoly

How to find the perfect creator for your social media campaign

Finding a suitable nano influencer can be more difficult for some companies than for others. If your company has a product range that is too broad or too narrow, this can make it difficult to find suitable accounts. To make it work, there are three simple criteria that could make your search for the right creator easier:

How to find the right creator, © Planoly

Cooperation with smaller accounts can therefore be just as worthwhile as cooperation with a wide-reaching profile. In any case, the Planoly report shows that including nano influencers in the marketing mix is ​​worth considering.

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