• In May 2022, Cabify became the first global customer of Mobilize Driver Solutions, operating 40 100% electric cars through its platform, which have already covered one million kilometers in Madrid, avoiding the emission of more than 100 tonnes of CO2 into the atmosphere in this period
  • Mobilize and Cabify are now offering the Spanish platform’s fleet and collaborative drivers to join their exclusive agreement, which they are extending until 31 March 2023.
  • Mobilize Driver Solutions offers an all-inclusive package, including use of the vehicle (Mobilize Limo), priority maintenance service, warranty, insurance, and assistance.

Madrid, January 12th, 2023. Cabify, the international multi-mobility platform, and Mobilize, the Renault Group’s mobility brand, have extended their exclusive partnership agreement so that the Spanish platform’s ride-hailing partners can join it and access all the benefits.

Last May Cabify became the first global customer of Mobilize Driver Solutions, the mobility services deployed by Mobilize aimed at taxi drivers and ride-hailing companies. Mobilize Driver Solutions offers an all-inclusive package, which includes all the elements necessary for the operation of a ride-hailing or taxi vehicle: the vehicle itself designed for this service (Mobilize Limo), priority maintenance service, warranty, insurance and assistance in case of any problem. Now, companies and self-employed owners of ride-hailing licenses that collaborate with Cabify will also
be able to take out this subscription, from €1,200 per month, and it will be the only way to get it in Spain until 31 March 2023.

Thanks to its 100% electric powertrain, Limo is not subject to any restrictions on access to city centers. The driver and passengers can therefore enjoy all the advantages of electric mobility. Its range of 450 km WLTP allows it to cover the daily journeys of taxi and ride-hailing professionals. It can recover up to 250 km of range in just 40 minutes thanks to its DC charger, standard on Limo.

Many vehicle functionalities can be updated remotely via FOTA (Firmware-Over-the-Air). For fleet operators, real-time access to vehicle data facilitates their fleet management activity.

Cabify’s Limo cars have already avoided more than 100 tonnes of CO2 in Madrid.

40 Mobilize Limo have been operating for months in Madrid, in Vecttor ́s fleet, a subsidiary of the Cabify Group, which has had these vehicles exclusively at a global level and maintains this exclusivity in Spain.

Since the collaboration between Cabify and Mobilize Driver Solutions began, the Mobilize Limo have covered more than one million kilometers in Madrid. This means avoiding the emission of more than 100 tonnes of CO2 into the atmosphere and saving more than 75,000 L of fuel.

For all these reasons, it can be seen that the agreement brings benefits both for the environment and from an economic point of view, as covering 100 kilometers in an electric vehicle costs between 60% and 70% less than doing so in a hybrid or diesel vehicle.

EIB loan, a boost for Cabify’s decarbonization

In line with this progress, the European Investment Bank (EIB) has announced a EUR 40 million loan to boost Cabify’s commitment to sustainable mobility and decarbonization of its fleets, as part of a comprehensive EUR 82 million project. The company’s objectives are to achieve 100% of trips made through the platform in decarbonized fleets by 2025 in Spain and five years later, in 2030, in Latin America.
In addition, since 2018 Cabify has positioned itself as the first carbon-neutral platform in the sector, offsetting the total emissions generated in the trips.

Mobilize, a commitment to carbon neutrality, the circular economy, and a longer vehicle life cycle.

The Renault Group, for its part, is committed to its decarbonization objectives aiming for carbon neutrality in Europe by 2040 and globally by 2050. The creation of Mobilize, as the Group’s fourth brand, brings together the Renault Group’s activities in mobility, energy, and data solutions and leverages Mobilize Financial Services’ expertise in financing and fleet management and optimization tools.

Mobilize, with a fleet of 100% electric vehicles, draws on the Renault Group’s solid expertise in electric vehicles, particularly for battery life-cycle value management.

About Cabify

Cabify is a multi-mobility platform for people and objects that offers various alternatives to reduce urban travel in private cars, taking advantage of technology to make cities better places to live.

And, all of this, while being an economically, environmentally, and socially sustainable company. Cabify, a member of the UN Global Compact, stands out for its commitment to talent and the local ecosystem, contributing to generating high-value jobs and declaring 100% of its activity in each country. In 2018 it became the first carbon neutral platform in its sector and since then it has been globally offsetting its emissions and those of its passengers, and meets an annual reduction commitment.

Cabify has been transforming the way people move around the city for 10 years, with more than 42 million registered users and 1.2 million collaborating partner drivers and taxi drivers. After being born in Madrid, the company spread, within a few months, to Latin America and is currently present in Argentina, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador, Spain, Mexico, Peru, and Uruguay.

About Mobilize

Mobilize, the brand of Renault Group dedicated to new mobility, offers a wide range of services around the vehicle thanks to an integrated technological platform: financing, insurance, payments, energy, maintenance and refurbishing. Built around open ecosystems, Mobilize encourages a sustainable energy transition, in line with Renault Group’s goal of achieving carbon neutrality in Europe and its ambition to develop value from the circular economy.

For more information, visit or follow Mobilize on Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn.

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