Mixed portfolios to adapt to 2022

Isabel Sánchez Burgos, portfolio manager at Arquia Gestión, proposes for a moderate investor a portfolio composed in equal parts by Arquia Banca Prudente 30RV, DWS Concept DJE Alpha Renten Global, Pictet Multi Asset Global Opps, Schroder ISF Global MA Balance and M&G (Lux )Dynamic Allocation. With an exposure to the Stock Market that would be around 25%, she “would have a sector mix led by financials, technology and health, as well as a regional distribution that would prioritize the United States and Europe in an equitable way.”

And for the aggressive portfolio, “in the face of market volatility, we bet on funds that have shown consistency in their results and robustness in their investment processes, in addition to experienced teams”, hence it would be made up of Arquia Banca Dinámico 100RV, Allianz Dynamic Multi Asset Strategy SRI 75, First Eagle Amundi International, Acatis Gané Value Event Fonds and R-co Valor. In this case, exposure to equities would be around 84%.

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