MásMóvil launches a telemedicine service for six euros a month with the support of Quirón

MásMóvil today announced the launch of the DoctorGO telemedicine service, with the help of the QuirónSalud hospital group and the Meeting Doctors technology company. In a meeting with the media, Meinrad Spenger, CEO of MásMóvil, has indicated that the new service will come to Yoigo customers for a very affordable price of six euros per month, including all members of a family.

“It is a broad telemedicine service, with immediate access to doctors,” explained the manager, adding that the price is much more competitive than other similar ones currently in the Spanish market.

In this way, MásMóvil responds to rivals such as Telefónica, which launched Movistar Salud in 2020, together with Teladoc.

The DoctorGO service includes access in less than two minutes and 24 hours a day to general medical care through chat and video calls. It allows you to contact a panel of professionals from nine specialties of medicine and well-being during work or extended hours to whom you can make inquiries through the chat integrated in the app through which you can send images to deepen your queries.

At the same time, it facilitates the remote issuance of electronic prescriptionss by medical professionals for prescribed medications, saving any additional paperwork. It also includes the telepharmacy service, with the free delivery of medicines to the clients’ homes in case of need.

The DoctorGO service combines telemedicine with face-to-face care “in advantageous conditions for Yoigo clients”. Thus, for example, the client who hires DoctorGO will have discounts for QuirónSalud services.

In this way, through the App, you will have access to the services of the Quirónsalud hospital network under exclusive conditions, adding to telemedicine services, the flexibility of private care, with face-to-face consultations, diagnostic tests and even care for emergencies. In addition, diagnostic tests for Covid-19 have been included with discounted prices, including tests in Quirónsalud centers and also tests at home.


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