Maroto is committed to maintaining

“Vaccination offers a horizon for recovery, but we need keep springs to continue protecting the tourism sector, “said the Minister of Industry, Commerce and Tourism this afternoon, Reyes Maroto, at the closing of the Hotusa Explore Forum, in which the challenges faced by this basic activity for the Spanish GDP to overcome the crisis have been analyzed throughout the day.

Maroto recalled that the expansion of ERTEs Until September 30, it is already a matter of negotiation in the tripartite table with the aim of accompanying the Spanish economy until the end of the crisis. Various sectors, including tourism, advocate that these subsidies last until the end of the year.

The minister has also outlined that the credits endorsed by the ICO they have watered 128,000 companies with financing for more than 17,000 millionAt the same time, it has been confident that the 11,000 million in aid pledged by the Government will soon begin to reach the business fabric.

“The government’s commitment is to maintain the safety net,” the minister asserted. He has also pledged efforts to prompt recovery of international mobility. And in this sense, the entry into operation next month of digital green certificate. Spain participates in the pilot program opened last Friday and the President of the Government, Pedro Sánchez, plans to present the product at the Fitur tourism fair this Friday.

Attract the British tourist

For the short-term future of Spain, the revision of restrictions on non-essential mobility related to countries outside the EU has also been presented as urgent. The negotiations could bear fruit between the 20th and 21st of this month with the opening of the flow of tourists from the United Kingdom, the first source market before the pandemic and Brexit.

Another avenue of work seeks to convince the United Kingdom that territorialize your traffic light system to include areas of Spain, attractive for tourism and with a low incidence of the coronavirus, among the safe destinations for the British.

All this, added to the advance in vaccination and the gradual recovery of internal mobility, means that Minister Maroto has been optimistic regarding the summer campaign.

The last paragraphs of the Government representative’s intervention have been dedicated to the reconversion opportunity represented by the Next Generation recovery funds. The ministry manages 3.4 billion for the green and digital transformation of the tourism sector, to which Reyes Maroto has called on companies to collaborate with the Government in improving destinations.


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