A practical update for all story users on Instagram: You can now adjust the text in the link sticker and use a lot of new colors for the story stickers.

the Link Stickers have completely taken over the Instagram stories and the swipe-up link seems long since forgotten. But some users of the App have not been completely satisfied with the new link sharing option so far. Because initially only the Domain, but not a topic-specific text can be displayed. However, Instagram is now changing that and introducing individual sticker texts. In addition, the corresponding links can be provided with the color of your choice.

Instagram makes the link stickers more personal

Creator, Social media Managers and private users alike: many have been waiting for this feature. Instagram finally makes it possible to individualize the link stickers in the story. The company announced this via Twitter:

In October 2021 the platform had the successor function for the swipe-ups launched for everyone. With that, there was a big change for everyone who creates Instagram Stories. Because suddenly all users were able to link to external sites from there. For the swipe-up links, a minimum number of 10,000 followers or verification was the prerequisite for this. The Link Sticker should have been particularly helpful to SMEs, nano influencers and the like.

The fact that this can now also be adjusted both in terms of the text and in terms of the desired color may help to increase the click rates. After all, it is conceivable that story viewers would rather click on a link sticker if this specifically indicates the added value or the content of the target page, instead of just displaying a – always the same – shortened URL to the domain.

Instagram offers new link sticker functions, with a click on the picture you get to a larger view, © Instagram

If you want a hack for hiding the link sticker or general tips on how to design it, you can our article on these options read. There you will also find a reference to other exciting tests from Instagram, which could expand the sticker game in the story in the future. Until then, however, the users will use the current optimization of the stickers to create more individual and personal notes. These can finally also contain a call-to-action, a question or even cryptic text.

Feel free to observe whether the individual link stickers give you a better click rate and write us the results in the comments.

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