The young infrastructure group Lantania plans to close the year with 120 million in revenue, an ebitda of 10 million and a positive net result, as advanced by its president, Federico Avila, in a meeting with the media.

The expected 20% increase in billing is exceeded by the 36% progress in the contract portfolio, which will end the year with 350 million. Ávila estimates that the coronavirus crisis has weighed down the company’s activity by between 15% and 20%.

Lantania, born from the assets of the Isolux liquidation, maintains the objective of reach 245 million in sales in 2022, as set out in a strategic plan that will be subject to review, but saving the main economic milestones.

Its chief executive said yesterday that he is analyzing hiring opportunities for 1,200 million, some of them in the US In addition, the infrastructure, water and energy firm will remain open to acquisitions after closing three operations in 2020: the purchases of Soil Treatment of Water Industriales, Deisa IWS and Traviesas y Prefabricados de Aragón. After that, Lantania Aguas and Lantania Activos have been created.

The reinforcements are sought in renewables, both in construction and in promotion, from a portfolio of 250 MW wind in Galicia (150 MW currently in the processing phase with an investment of 146 million). Lantania is also testing possible acquisitions in the railway and water cycle works.

Foreign growth, after a first project of 68 million in Bulgaria, is sought in the EU, in the North and East of Europe. Between 2022 and 2023, growth should start in America, where the company already has a presence in Colombia and Texas (USA).


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