Kutxabank has launched the service Pensium for your clients over 75 years of age who have had to move to a residence. The bank proposes the rental of its properties without losing the property and to pay the bills generated by the stay in the residences.

The rent money is paid in advance to cover these assistance costs in advance, which are often high for families. Only for clients in a situation of dependency who do not have financial resources or who do not want to resort to them.

From Kutxabank they declare that with this formula the empty houses “work for their owners” through a rent that the entity manages through the program Pensium. Contributions are guaranteed from signature. In addition to the recognition of the level of dependency, people who want to adhere to this program must have a property owned for rent and have the ability to sign, either by proxy or by a legal guardian.

As of the signature, Pensium deals with home renovations and finding solvent tenants. In Euskadi, the Basque Government has a new regulation in place with annual rates for vacant homes, except in proven cases, such as putting them up for sale, but at market prices.


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