KPMG will advise Nissan in the attempt to save the plants in Barcelona

The working commission for the reindustrialization of the Nissan Motor Ibérica plants in Barcelona has hired the KMPG consultancy to provide technical assistance in the work of this body, which has set March 31 as the reference date for receiving projects.

According to a joint communiqué from Nissan, the Ministry of Industry and the Ministry of Business of the Generalitat this Monday, once this procedure is completed, the Commission will accelerate the process for selecting the “best reindustrialization option”, with the evaluation of all the projects presented and the final choice.

It is one of the main points agreed on this Monday during the fourth meeting of the table made up of Nissan’s management, the representation of workers and public administrations, to seek alternatives that allow “maintaining jobs and the current industrial fabric around to the Nissan plants in Catalonia “.

Three scenarios

Thus, three reindustrialization scenarios are envisaged through battery production plants to supply the European market for electric vehicles, the assembly of electric vehicles and the creation of an electromobility ‘hub’ made up of several companies.

On the other hand, as reported in the statement, the Secretary General for Industry of the Government, Raül Blanco, the hiring of the KPMG consulting firm will contribute to the acceleration of the process as technical assistance for the work of the Commission, once the ministerial tender has been resolved.

For their part, the four union organizations that participate in the Commission – SIGEN-USOC, CC OO, UGT and CGT – have expressed their concern and disagreement about the “slow” progress of the process, and have indicated the need to provide the same speedier and to agree on a reference date for the presentation of projects.

Nissan deal

The establishment of this commission was one of the points included in the agreement reached at the beginning of August between the Management of Nissan Motor Ibérica and the representation of the workers, after the completion of the negotiations for the maintenance of the industrial activity of Nissan in Catalonia until December 2021.

In October 2020, the first meeting of the commission agreed, among other points, to be able to define monthly meetings, prioritize industrial projects that encompass the affected industrial centers and that maximize jobs and collaborate with the Administration to be able to access the Recovery, Transformation and Resilience Plan for the Spanish Economy.


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