Justice points to Royal Caribbean and forces to renegotiate the ERE in Pullmantur

Unexpected turn in the resolution of the ERE in Pullmantur. After several meetings between Pullmantur, the bankruptcy administrator and the representation of the workers without agreement, the Commercial Court number 1 in Madrid has issued an order, dated January 27, in which forces to repeat the ERE negotiation in Pullmantur, in which now will have to be Royal Caribbean, the second largest shareholder, with 49% of the capital, and owner of the four ships with which Pullmantur operated until they were sent to scrapping.

In the car, to which Cinco Días has had access, Judge Carlos Nieto Delgado acknowledges the demand presented by the workers’ representation for Royal Caribbean to be present in the ERE consultation period, considering that there are indications “of forming a group of labor companies”. In fact, the judge recalls that in a previous order of July 2020 “we appreciated the existence of a risk that the decisions of Pullmantur Cruises to cease its activity and support without reaction the dismantling and scrapping of the ships with which it had been lending its activity could be due to an influence of its indirect partner Royal Caribbean by the interest in capturing its market “. In the text, the judge also assured that “the dismantling and scrapping of these ships completely curtails the possibilities of continuity of the bankrupt in the cruise sector which had been its main activity “.

In this way, the counter to close the ERE is reset and there will be another 30-day consultation period, with which the file will in all probability not be closed until the beginning of March. Workers’ sources consulted by Cinco Días were very satisfied with the car, the repetition of the ERE negotiation and the incorporation of Royal Caribbean, which they accuse of having emptied Pullmantur for its subsequent liquidation.

In the lawsuit brought before the judge for Royal Caribbean to sit at the negotiating table, the workers noted that Pullmantur “is nothing but the commercial and labor extension of Royal Caribbean” to operate in a specific regional niche of the cruise market. “Pullmantur would limit itself to putting its badges on Royal Caribbean ships, operated with personnel selected by Royal Caribbean, making reservations with the Royal Caribbean system, using Royal Caribbean’s accounting system, buying supplies from suppliers indicated by Royal Caribbean , and operating in a market niche in which Royal Caribbean does not compete, that is, complementary to the routes that Royal Caribbean does. ”


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