Juan Lazcano cedes the presidency of the CNC construction employer after 20 years at the helm

Relief in sight at the head of the great employers of the construction sector, the National Construction Confederation (CNC), which has chaired Juan Lazcano in the last 20 years. The Governing Council has agreed this morning to open the electoral process for the election of a new president, once Lazcano, who turns 75, has communicated its decision not to apply for a new re-election.

The deadline for receiving candidacies, among the members belonging to the General Assembly, ends on March 11 and the elections are set for the 18th of that month. Juan Lazcano only had opposition in 2001, when he won the elections with the support of 66% of the votes.

The president of the CNC is one of the most recognized figures in the sector having been an interlocutor for successive governments and unions in the construction boom stage, during the financial crisis and now in these times marked by the pandemic. Besides being president of the CNC, Juan Lazcano is president of the Construction Labor Foundation and a member of the Executive Committee and the Board of Directors of the CEOE.

“During this exciting stage I have tried to harmonize the different interests of the confederated business associations, integrate all constructive activities and exercise their legitimate defense against third parties, all with a single aim: the economic, social, technological and sustainable progress of the industry of construction ”, declared the still president of the CNC.

Of these 20 years he has highlighted “the achievement of a stable and seamless social peace with the unions.” He met with the general secretaries of each of the centrals every month at the Labor Foundation, which greased the relationship when negotiating the agreements. He also takes the satisfaction of having gained weight for his organization within the CEOE (he became vice president and has remained on the executive committee) or having promoted the aforementioned Labor Foundation to high levels of worker training and achievements in risk prevention and safety on construction sites.

The worst drink, on the other hand, came with the previous financial crisis: “Construction lost 1.5 million jobs and did not have the help of an industrial recovery plan. This blow could hardly be cushioned with the effort to go abroad.”

Long experience

Lazcano, an Outstanding Engineer award from the Madrid College of Civil Engineers in 2020, is also president of the Spanish Road Association (AEC), since he will maintain, and of the Board of Trustees of the Spanish Construction Technology Platform (PTEC). Within the CEOE, he heads the Infrastructure and Urban Planning Commission. In this last position, he will cease with his departure from the CNC.

Other positions to his credit are that of a member of the Institute of Economic Studies (IEE) and the vice-presidency of the Federation of the European Construction Industry (FIEC).

The career of this Civil Engineer at the Higher Technical School of Madrid (1972) has run between the public sector, the private sector and the world of associations. He held the Public Works Directorate of the Junta de Castilla y León (1985), the General Subdirectorate of Construction of the Ministry of Public Works (between 1985 and 1996), the General Directorate of Highways in Development (from 1996 to 2004) and the presidency engineering Inypsa (from 2004 to 2018).

At the end of his career at the CNC, he acknowledges that he has been helped by the experience amassed over 30 years in the Administration, his relationship with small and medium-sized companies as a senior position in the world of infrastructure, and having worked in the private sector.

This representative of Spanish construction has also been a director of companies such as Aena, the National Highway Company or the Railway Infrastructure Manager (GIF). Lastly, Lazcano held the vice-presidency of the College of Civil Engineers, Channels and Ports (CICCP).


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