Samsung kicked off when it comes to folding phones. And, despite initial reluctance, it has been shown that the idea was a good one and that part of the future of the market lies in this type of device. Well, it has been known that Xiaomi It would be close to increasing its bet on them because it could launch two of these terminals in 2022.

In 2021, the Asian company debuted with the Xiaomi Mi MIX Fold, a terminal with a book-type fold screen that was direct competition from the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold. Different have already been revealed options that will improve this year’s version, but this is possibly not the most important thing that the Asian firm has in its portfolio. Most importantly, probably there will be a second model that will be different and will expand the options that users have to choose from within its range of folding.

What exactly Xiaomi is working on

According to the data that has been leaked and the published images, the idea is to offer a device that is reminiscent of old flip phones, so its fold would be similar to the one currently offered by the Galaxy Z Flip or the Motorola Razr. Therefore, the opening would be made from bottom to top, and the completely different way of using it… which for many is more natural. In this way, the company would momentarily complete its product range.


Some of the interesting details have met in what has to do with the design, is that this would be a model that would have a three-sensor rear camera, something that could put the rest of the similar models on the market in trouble because it would allow it to offer superior quality (at least on paper). By the way, as you can see in the image that we leave before this paragraph, the module is integrated in a unique way that remember -and a lot- to what is currently offered by Pixel 6 of Google.

Xiaomi folding future side


Another important detail in this section is that all buttons will be located in the right area, so solutions have been found to achieve it without any type of penalty. Therefore, access to the fingerprint reader will be located on the ignition itself, offering very comfortable access. The fact is that without being anything new, as always happens with Xiaomi, it will be fulfilled without problems.

The bet has to be important

To attract attention, this is essential because Samsung is currently leading in this segment of the market. In this way, it would not be unusual for a very complete terminal to be launched and, first of all, for its price to be very attractive (between 700 and 800 euros). With an OLED screen, which would have to be seen if the fold is noticeable or not, it is not ruled out at all that Xiaomi opts for a MediaTek 5G processor latest generation that does not lack an amount of RAM of 8 GB to be powerful enough.

The fact is that it seems that the commitment to folding phones is not only maintained, but also increases. And, it is logical, since this form factor is ideal now that the screens do not stop growing to achieve a much better experience with multimedia content.

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