One of the most successful Renault models in our region is the Sandero or you can also take into account his family, consisting of Logan and Stepway. It is true, that he has several platform companions with whom he also shares many elements such as Duster or even Captur but definitely among the B-segment hatchbacks, Sandero is one of the most interesting alternatives due to its price-product ratio.

This combination is also displayed on your sports version, called RS (Renault Sport), since with a very good performance and features, users can have a compact “sport” at a relatively low value.

However, What could the family lack? If we think about it, a class of vehicles absent not only from the Sandero family, but from the market, is that of the rural ones. It is true that SUVs almost exterminated this segment and even in many cases began to target sedans. Imagine costs nothing anyway, and that’s what our friends at Overboost BR did.

Based on Sandero R.S, developed a rural version of the well-known hatchback, with several of the tweaks received in the last update such as optics, bumpers, tires, among others. For you, Is it going or not going?

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