Instagram: Link Stickers are now available to everyone

“Bye-Bye Swipe up” and “Hello Link Sticker” – Instagram now makes it possible for all users to link from the story.

You want to link to an external page from your story, but you don’t have a verified account or have over 10,000 followers? This is no longer a problem from now on. Because what so far has resulted in you not swiping up Link that you could incorporate into your stories is now a thing of the past. The reason: Instagram is now rolling out the Link Sticker for all users. A press release states:

While we [Instagram, Anmerkung der Redaktion] have tested the Link Sticker in the past few months, we have received clear, positive feedback from the community. Link stickers make it even easier for companies to draw attention to their products. At the same time, they can also help creators actively promote matters that are close to the heart, such as equality, social justice or mental health.

Accounts that were created less than 30 days ago initially have no access to the link sticker on Instagram. Profiles that have repeatedly violated the Community Guidelines cannot link to an external page from within the story. According to Instagram, these are precautionary measures to prevent misuse of the new feature.

Does Instagram want to support SMEs above all?

While many users are supposedly simply happy about the feature because they can share their favorite websites with their friends and followers, small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) and nano influencers are likely to be enthusiastic about the link sticker for an economic reason. Because many SMEs do not have a large community, especially at the beginning, that includes 10,000 followers and thus entitles them to embed an external link. The fact that profiles with a smaller number of subscribers can now also use the link sticker gives SMEs the opportunity to present their products better. And nano influencers, whose community comprises between 1,000 and 10,000 followers, should also benefit from the new link feature.

How to add a link sticker to your story

The link stickers for the story will be rolled out for all users from now on, according to Instagram. To add a sticker with a link to your story, just go to the sticker icon in the upper right corner. Next, click on the Sticker link and paste in your desired URL. Then click on “Done” and your link sticker will be added to the story. You can make this bigger or smaller and place it where you want.

Instagram tested the link sticker as early as June 2021. At the time, Vishal Shah, Head of Product at Instagram, told the online magazine The Vergethat he and his colleagues closely monitor the use of the new feature during the test phase. Apparently the accounts that already had access to the Link Sticker did not get into debt. And now all users benefit from this.

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