Kylie Jenner broke a record on Instagram. She is the first woman to have more than 300 million followers on the platform.

Many celebrities and influencers have been able to gain a lot of followers on social media in recent years. Including Kylie Jenner, who has now broken a new record with her Instagram account. She takes the new first place in the ranking of the most popular female account holders, ousting Ariana Grande, who now shares second place with Selena Gomez. Both singers have 289 million each, while Jenner becomes the first woman on the platform to reach 300 million followers. That reports die BBC.

Kylie Jenner is mostly out of the TV show Keeping up with the Kardashians known, but has now built up a successful cosmetics company, whose products she promotes on Instagram, among other things. Currently she mainly documents her second pregnancy on the account and thus collects likes in the tens of millions.

These are the top accounts on Instagram

In 2020, Jenner ended up still behind Ariana Grande, back then she just scratched 200 million followers. Despite her new record, hers isn’t the biggest account on Instagram. In front of her is the official one @Instagram Account with over 461 million followers (for comparison: Instagram has 500 million daily active users) and the soccer player Cristiano Ronaldo (389 million followers). colleague Lionel Messi has also surpassed 300 million, but is currently behind Jenner.

Instagram remains one of the most popular social platforms. Competitor-App However, TikTok is following suit. The most successful account there belongs to Charlie D’Amelio, who has around 133 million users. She also ranks first in the highest-earning influencer on the platform. The growth of TikTok is immense and it will be exciting to see in the current year who will come out on top.

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