A study shows: When it comes to product research, online marketplaces are ahead. You can find out in the article why brands should also rely on product information as a figurehead instead of relying on brand loyalty.

As part of an international study by inriver, 2,000 online shoppers in Germany were asked about their shopping habits and preferences. Der Report „Inside the Mind of an Online Shopper“ shows, among other things, that marketplaces like Amazon are currently more popular in product research than Google and Co. Further findings are a decrease in brand loyalty and the increasing importance of satisfactory product descriptions. We have summarized the most important findings for you below.

Amazon before Google: This is where consumers get information

For a long time, search engines were the ultimate in product research. Many consumers use Google in particular to find out about potential items to buy. But meanwhile the online marketplaces and shops, which include Amazon and eBay, have caught up: a full 56 percent of consumers in Germany prefer to use them for product research. Search engines like Google are well behind with 23 percent – among Generation Z, i.e. 18 to 24-year-olds, only 18 percent prefer to use search engines. Even less often, namely in only eight percent of the cases, the branded websites themselves are the first point of contact.

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Brand loyalty is becoming less important

Those who cannot find the product they are looking for in the usual shop of choice are no longer afraid to buy from competing retailers instead. Only 16 percent of respondents say they would not do this. However, it is not just a lack of availability that prompts consumers to switch shops: a full 82 percent state that they have already decided against a purchase due to an inadequate product description. Satisfactory product information on many channels is more important than ever, explains inriver CEO Thomas Zanzinger:

The magic words are: a high quality shopping experience with all the necessary information, findability and availability. If these properties are lacking, traders run the risk of significant losses in sales. Brands cannot rely solely on their names to drive sales. Brand loyalty is no longer as important as it was some time ago.

Product information as a figurehead

Consumers who want to find out more about a product use a large majority (86 percent) of several sources. The quality of the product description is of great importance to customers: 30 percent of those surveyed state that they are frustrated when the product information is too imprecise. For 34 percent of those surveyed, product descriptions are the most important factor in their purchase decision – they are even ahead of customer reviews with 24 percent. Operators of an online shop should therefore view their product information as a figurehead and not rely too much on brand loyalty.

The power of online reviews

One of the most powerful weapons on the internet is user ratings. They not only give customers security inside. The purchase decision is also significantly influenced by them. Find out now how you can best benefit from the resulting opportunities.

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