IAG fears losing a second summer with Aer Lingus

Tension grows within the Irish airline Aer Lingus and in your womb IAG As the days go by without a concise plan on your country’s air connectivity for this summer. The company stated 103 million in red for its operations in the first quarter, which motivated, as reported by the local newspaper Irish Times, that the management sent a pessimistic message to the staff. Is feared the loss of a second summer.

Company and unions (Forsá on behalf of the pilots and cabin crew, and Siptu on behalf of the ground crew) have scheduled meetings from this Friday to study the delicate situation.

The airline initiates contacts with the unions to analyze the situation

Aer Lingus is isolated due to flight restrictions and until March 31 it was barely able to take advantage of cargo operations to New York, Chicago and Boston, in addition to obtaining good performance on the domestic London-Belfast line, with demand from business travelers . Occupancy on its flights is practically nil, of 14%, after a 83% decrease in the number of seats compared to the first quarter of 2020 and a 96% decrease in the volume of passengers transported.

Now worry about the possible impact on employment that may have both economic losses and minimal prospects for a return to production. The airline sector sent the Government, in mid-April, its proposal to reactivate travel, but has not yet obtained results.

The newly appointed CEO Lynne Embleton, in office since April 6, has conveyed to workers the need to adapt the company to the practical absence of work.

Production is at 17% and the average occupancy of its flights is 14%

In addition to this uncertainty, the airline is also pending the government’s decision on subsidies to avoid permanent layoffs. Ireland carried out in April the extension of two aid schemes, the employment wage subsidy (EWSS) and the support system for restrictions by the Covid (CRSS). But both expire in June and multiple sectors demand the extension until the end of the year.

Aer Lingus comes from using in the first quarter half of the 150 million lent by the Ireland Strategic Investment Fund. From the Executive it is argued that the company is vital for Ireland and will have public aid if it needs it. In its recent presentation of results, IAG stated that it had a new three-year credit line for 1,755 million dollars. A mattress available to Aer Lingus, British Airways and Iberia, although each of them has a fixed limit.


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