You may have an account Outlook that you keep active and functional, and that is the one to use on the computer. But, perhaps, the applications that Microsoft offers for mobile operating systems do not convince you and, therefore, in this case, you make use of what it offers Google. One of the problems with doing this is that your calendars are not synchronized, something that can be easily changed as we are going to show you.

Specifically, what we will explain is how to synchronize Outlook itself with that of the Mountain View company, since it is the mode that is most often in demand in the case that we mentioned before. And the truth is that achieving it is quite simple, although some steps must be taken that are not particularly intuitive in case you do not know all the ins and outs of the Microsoft tool that is so reliable. We will dispel any doubt you may have.

Steps to sync Outlook calendar with Google calendar

As you will check in a few minutes you will have everything perfectly configured to achieve this, and you will not have to modify the way you use the calendars. This is because the one from Microsoft will send the information to the one you have in the Android creator company automatically (or, this one, will perform a reading in the case of not having new data after a while).

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In any case, the reliability of the process is excellent, and information is not compromised some. This is what you have to do.

  • Sign in to the web your Outlook account is on using this link. Obviously, you will have to enter your credentials to be able to continue.
  • Now in the upper area, click on Settings (represented by a gear icon) and, as you will see the reduced options, you must access the complete ones. To do this, at the bottom of the right area, there is a link that you have to use called View all Outlook settings.
  • In the window you see on the screen, you have to click on Calendar and then choose the Shared Calendar option from the central area. Now look for the Publish a calendar section.
  • Use the dropdown and choose the one you want to share, and under Select permissions, use See all details. You have to use the Publish button to continue.
  • You will see a couple of links appear at the bottom, you have to copy the one called ICS. now go to calendar of Google and, in other calendars, you must select from URL and paste the above information.
  • Use add calendar and you will have finished and you will see the information after a few seconds.

There is nothing complicated or dangerous, which is always good, and best of all, if at any given moment you want stop sharing the Outlook calendar in the Google calendar, you simply have to follow the previous steps and revoke the chosen one to be public. All very intuitive, right?

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