Waiting for the native polls to reach WhatsApp, you should know that there is the possibility of creating one to share it in the messaging application and that decisions can be made in groups that involve knowing the response of each one of those who are inside. We show you how to get it.

By not having a WhatsApp survey creation tool, unlike what happens in Telegram, you have to resort to a third-party service to be able to generate and share one. There are different options available, but among which are freethe one we recommend is the use of HandyPolls. This is a website where this type of content can be generated and then shared directly in the messaging application. In other words, the objective in question is achieved in a simple way.

Steps to create a survey that you can share on WhatsApp

The truth is that creating a survey with the tool we have discussed is really simple. And this is so, despite the fact that the web interface is in English… but it is not lost, since they are three things -literally- the ones that have to be done. We indicate them so you do not miss:

  • open the HandyPolls website and, on the screen that appears, click on the button called Get Starter in the upper area.
  • Now in the window you will see a blank interface where you have to write the name of the survey where it says Type your question. Then enter the possibilities in Choice (to increase the number, simply press Enter or the icon with a rotated arrow).
  • When you have everything chosen, click on the Create and get link button
  • You will see that a window appears with the option Share on WhatsApp, it is the one you have to use because the application will open directly. Select where you want to share the survey and follow the usual steps to do this.
  • You have finished and everyone in the group can vote by clicking on the desired option (and access to see how the election is going).

Smart Life

As you can see, the tool that we have indicated for sharing surveys on whatsapp offers everything you need and everything is shared directly in the application without having to go through many steps to achieve it. In addition, the interface is attractive and you can check the results at any time. A great option that is very helpful until the company decides to offer this possibility natively.

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