How to blur the background in Google Meet calls

One of the best options that exist to make videoconferences is google-meet. This tool is very easy to use and, in addition, it is free and has a good number of options that make it an excellent option among all those on the market. If you don’t know how to blur the image background, we’ll tell you how to do it easily.

Video calls have become a fantastic possibility to create meetings now that teleworking is more and more common. Therefore, controlling all the tools that are used for it is essential. And, among the possibilities that exist in them, is making the background is unfocused. In this way, it is avoided that you can see the place where you are or if there is excessive clutter in the room from which you execute the call.

Steps to blur the background in Google Meet

It is possible to do this before entering the call or once you are already in it, so they are offered All possibilities that may be needed in the Google service (which you can access at this link). We tell you what you have to do in each of the cases:

before the call

If you’re on the screen that appears before you join a video call, all you have to do is press the icon which has the images of some stars which is in the bottom right. When using it, the existing possibilities appear in what has to do with the effects that can be applied.

As you will see there are two buttons that have the figure of a person with different dots around it. The one with a smaller amount, is the one that executes a less pronounced blur. The other makes it virtually impossible to identify anything from the bottom. Select the one that fits your needs.

With that done, once you start using Google Meet live, you’ll see that everything is going exactly the way you wanted it to.

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Blur the background in the middle of a call

If you’re already in the video call, you can also easily blur the background. In this case what you have to do is click on the cone in the lower area that has three vertical dots. A menu opens in which you have to look for the option Apply visual effects.

Appears in the right area a window with the different possibilities where the two elements that we have indicated before are. Select the one that fits what you need and, immediately, you will see that everything is applied. If you want to delete what you have done, just follow the same steps and deselect the corresponding button.

As you can see, it’s the most easy set the settings you want when it comes to the background in Google Meet, and you no longer have an excuse not to see the picture you have hanging in the office or if other people are working with you.

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