Surely on more than one occasion your watch Apple Watch It has played a trick on you when you are at work, since it has sounded due to the arrival of a notification. And this was not exactly what you wanted. If you want to avoid this, there is a way to achieve it without having to do practically anything every time you walk through the office door. Here’s how to set the necessary settings.

To achieve what we have discussed, what you have to do is combine the options of location What does it offer? Apple’s wearables along with the function shortcuts. This is not one of the most used for those who have one of the Cupertino company’s smart watches, but the truth is that it offers an excellent number of usage options, and therefore it is good to know all its power (which is not exactly little).

The steps to take on your Apple Watch

It is recommended that in each location where you want to stop emitting any sound (or vibration), the device performs the action that we are going to configure next. Don’t worry, you just have to set it once, so do not think that you are going to have to be constantly involved with the smartwatch, far from it. This is what you should do:

  • Open the Shortcuts app on the iPhone that you have synced with your smartwatch.
  • Once you see your options, you need to select Automation and then tap Create personal automation to configure the necessary settings.
  • Now, you must click on ‘+’ at the top of the screen and, among the options you see now, you must choose Create personal automation. Yes, it’s somewhat redundant, but it is what it is…
  • Select Arrive and then Select which is right next to Location (you can choose the one you want, so you don’t have to be there to complete the process).
  • Confirm the action and do the same in Next. Now it’s time to use Add action and you must choose the smartwatch you have -you can use the existing search engine-. Once this is done, set Adjust silent mode so that the action in question is carried out.
  • Confirm that you have chosen Yes and, you must use Next and then OK to leave everything well established.
  • You’ve finished.


Obviously, if at any time you want reverse lor what you have done, you simply have to access the Apple Watch Shortcuts and remove the configured action that is no longer required (for example, if you change jobs). Therefore, what you do is not definitive and, on the contrary, what does come out is quite useful.

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