<strong>Hong Kong Web3 Festival 2023, Hosted by Wanxiang Blockchain Labs, HashKey Group and W3ME, to Take Place on April 12-15</strong>

HONG KONG, 18 JANUARY 2023 – The inaugural Web3 Festival, co-hosted by Wanxiang Blockchain Labs and HashKey Group and organized by W3ME, will take place on April 12-15 at 5/F, Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Center (HKCEC). This four-day event, hosted on five center stages across an area of about 9,000㎡, will see over 10,000 attendees, 300 distinguished industry speakers, about 100 Web3 projects, community partners and media partners around the world congregate to network, share, and learn through high-level content and panel discussions. Other technology-related activities organized by Hong Kong Trade and Development Council will be held at the same place during the same period.

Web3 Festival will bring together the world’s brightest minds, top Web3 projects and leading venture capitals presenting content-rich discussions and topics centered around Web3. Hong Kong regulatory representatives will also dive into and interpret the latest digital asset regulation policies. Adhering to the Web3 spirits of openness and cooperation, we will invite partners to plan and organize part of the activities together for mutual development.

Sharing and Dialogue


What is happening in the world of Web3? What does its future have in store for us? Hong Kong Web3 Festival 2023 will invite industry leaders, founders of prominent projects, investors, regulators, experts and scholars to talk about the status quo and the future of Web3.

Held across five stages, this event will offer all attendees an opportunity to learn the cutting-edge technology, inspiring opinions, trending topics and infrastructural solutions of Web3. Web3 practitioners and enthusiasts will also get the chance to converse face-to-face with key Web3 influencers through speaker AMAs (“Ask Me Anything”).

Grow Together

With the goal to build an open platform for all Web3 players around the world to share and achieve “win-win” results, Hong Kong Web3 Festival 2023 calls for all to work on the development of Web3 together. From Apr.14 to Apr.15, the hosts will invite Web3 projects to join the event as partners to present their developments. All Web3 projects will be eligible to apply for this partnership. For Web3 projects on the rise, Hong Kong Web3 Festival 2023 will definitely be a world-class stage to showcase yourselves and attract global attention.

There will also be opportunities for excellent Web3 projects from different countries and regions to introduce their ideas. This will hopefully give attendees a big picture of the most talented and promising projects in the Web3 world. In addition, all projects are welcome to join us as sponsors. During this 4-day event, you will be able to communicate with all attendees face to face, showcase your latest technical achievements and explore more business opportunities.

Hong Kong Web3 Festival 2023 will offer abundant resources and support to Web3 talents and startups, which will certainly accelerate their growth. There will also be a sub-session for scholars and talents from China mainland and Hong Kong to exchange ideas so as to inject new vitality into the development of Web3. Moreover, free tickets will be offered to college students as an effort to encourage more youngsters to join the Web3 ecosystem and build the Web3 world together.

Web3 Rising in Hong Kong

The Policy Statement on Development of Virtual Assets in Hong Kong issued by the Financial Services and the Treasury Bureau of Hong Kong on Oct.31, 2022 introduced the policies formulated by the Hong Kong government on developing the virtual asset industry and ecosystem. By keeping an open mind towards the transaction of virtual assets and the property rights of the tokenized assets as well as legalizing smart contracts, Hong Kong shows its stance and support to the future development of virtual assets.

This is one of the reasons to why Hong Kong was chosen as the city to host the inaugural Web3 Festival. The Hong Kong government has been actively working on the development of virtual assets and Web3 industry by launching NFTs, tokenized green bonds, e-HKD and planning to formulate more sophisticated regulatory policies.

At the “Web3 in Hong Kong” sub-session, Hong Kong Web3 Festival 2023 will invite regulatory representatives to introduce Hong Kong Government’s latest regulatory policies and way forward for the Web3 and virtual asset industry. This will hopefully help Web3 projects ponder a move to Hong Kong to have a better understanding of the opportunities, challenges, talent pool, education resources and favorable polices here.

Will Web3 blossom in Hong Kong?

We are sure you will get your answer from this event, and we are confident it will be a big “Yes”!

Hong Kong Web3 Festival 2023 will be a “Wonderland” for people from the Web3 world. Here you will find yourself interacting with the biggest names in this field and become acquainted with the latest technologies presented by the most innovative projects. Besides, there will also be other inspiring activities like NFT gallery, workshops for developers, etc. for you to catch up with the latest trends, explore business opportunities and network with like-minded individuals. Hong Kong Web3 Festival 2023 is definitely a premium Web3 event that all Web3 aficionados should not miss out!

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About Wanxiang Blockchain Labs

Funded by China Wanxiang Holdings in Sep.2015, Wanxiang Blockchain Labs is a non-profit research institution with Vitalik Buterin, Founder of Ethereum as its Chief Scientist. Aiming to accelerate socioeconomic development with blockchain technologies, Wanxiang Blockchain Labs has been gathering global experts together to research such topics as blockchain technology R&D, commercial application, industrial strategies, etc. and providing practical instructions for startups and useful references for policy makers.

About HashKey Group

HashKey Group is an end-to-end digital asset financial services group in Asia. The Group provides a complete ecosystem across the entire digital asset landscape, ranging from venture investment, to custody, to technologies and trading. HashKey’s senior team has deep investment, governance, and technology expertise gained at tier-one banks, regulators, and fintech ventures. By bringing together the most advanced blockchain research, developers and technologies, HashKey identifies potential opportunities and delivers end-to-end solutions that operate within regulatory frameworks with the highest compliance standards. The Group has operations in Hong Kong, Singapore and Japan, and extensive partnerships with FinTech and blockchain solutions providers, academic institutions, and associations. For more information, please visit https://www.hashkey.com/.


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