At the beginning of 2020, nobody would have thought that the home office would go from being a temporary solution to the new normal this year. This poses major challenges for companies and employees. Permanently effective technological solutions must now replace the improvised processes. [Anzeige]

Do you work at home too? Then you are not alone in this. At the moment, the majority of people are back in the home office, and since spring 2020 many have rarely or not at all in the office or co-working space. Remote work in general has many advantages: It protects the environment if there are fewer people on the streets, while these people save travel distances and travel costs. Companies can even save on rental expenses. But working from the home office also harbors numerous challenges and pitfalls – especially with regard to technological requirements, new structures for collaboration and team building processes. And customer loyalty must now also be kept an eye on under changed premises. Especially SMEs and startups often still have optimization potential in the CRM areathat can also be accessed from the home office.

Companies and organizations can do justice to all of this and, with suitable technology applications in the context of a diverse cloud solution, create the conditions to make the home office the ideal workplace for all employees; so that productivity is at a consistently high level in many places.

Cooperatively promote the company’s success from various locations

If the workforce of companies works from the home office, the locally distributed teams must still be able to follow the joint tasks and processes and work cooperatively towards the company goals – and as smoothly as possible. In order for this to be successful, companies must create a technically and technologically flawless infrastructure that is geared towards the corporate culture. Since the home office as a permanent state was not an issue for most companies in the past year, such structures are rarely available in the context of remote work. Improvised solutions are much more common. However, if problems arise, these can not only lead to demotivation among employees, but also lead to concrete losses in sales if the work power of the teams cannot be used comprehensively and potential cannot be realized.

In this context, the meetings via video or telephone are extremely important. They shouldn’t be an annoying appointment in the calendar, but an opportunity to improve work processes and update employees. Likewise, meetings with external parties such as customers have to run smoothly and well-structured. Therefore, a higher-level application for managing all meetings is a relevant option for companies – but what is even more important is what precedes these meetings. The written exchange via messenger or e-mail, the efficient integration of these tools into everyday work and the reliable provision of resources and information, Which employees can access at any time and from anywhere are crucial for the success of working together in the home office.

Grant seamless access across teams and applications

When working from the home office, all employees must be guaranteed smooth access to all resources that are relevant to them. A platform that makes all information and work equipment available in one place should be intuitive and, above all, flexible. Some team members may need mobile access to customer data or tools because they are not at the computer and at the table every hour of work. Still others want to enter new customer data, document processes or create content based on these aspects. With Salesforce Anywhere cooperative work in real time is very simple, regardless of location. Personalized alerts for employees are just as useful a function as the work steps suggested by the underlying AI.

It is clear that the interaction with customers and, in particular, potential customers deserves the highest attention in every company. In this context, the central administration of these customer relationships is given via a mature CRM solution a special weight. Customer IDs and tracking data in one place are also a plus for marketers, as is the possibility of distributing specially made messages or ads across channels from one platform. A Marketing Cloud with seamless integration into CRM offers all of that.

A single source of truth (SSOT), as it can be created with the right tools, is particularly valuable when considering various touchpoints that could be relevant for customers. With this approach, companies can offer customers a smooth experience, from login to the personal opt-ins to personalized customer journey. And all the data that the customer leaves there is of use to the employee in the home office if he can access it centrally.

Do not lose sight of the well-being of your employees

Employees benefit when they are offered simple solutions that they do not have to spend hours learning about. And team motivation plays an extremely important role if corporate goals are to be achieved and sales potential is to be increased in the long term. Holistic solutions that do not require developer know-how are therefore very important. Especially at times when access to offers of help – from IT managers, for example – may be restricted.

The further development of individual employees is also relevant for sustainable corporate success. Further training or optimization offers not only motivate, but also aim at better work processes and ultimately more work power. That is why learning platforms are but also the mental support from managers important building blocks on the way to a successful corporate culture. Teams can be trained and new employees can be trained in a meaningful way – without being restricted by the pandemic. This is how companies adapt to change.

Simple and well-structured solutions should not only be the focus for employees, but also with a view to their own customers. After all, they often have to struggle with the same challenges in the B2B area.

Customers are often in the same boat: understanding is required

Just like many employees, customers want continuity when working with a company; and appropriate technological solutions that make this possible even in such unusual times. Anywhere and anytime – these are the requirements placed on various companies in the digital market. Just as employees in the home office ideally have access to data, tools and applications anywhere and at any time, corporate customers should also, for example Enjoy a centrally managed profile through a sales cloud. Companies should understand this and use it for themselves.

Not only knowing your own customers with their individual wishes and needs, but also taking them seriously, is a factor that should not be neglected. It can contribute to important customer loyalty, which sometimes has to be rethought in the context of a comprehensive home office working environment. It is no longer enough to rely on transitional or even embarrassing solutions. Easily accessible special solutions are required for each area, which in turn are embedded in a holistic structure and can be used individually but also in combination.

Regardless of whether in relation to CRM, a marketing cloud or a sales cloud: The right technological solution saves employees and customers time and ultimately costs for the company. In addition, it allows the individual composition according to your own, acutely relevant needs. It is clear that compatibility must be taken into account. But there is also technological help in this context.

Regardless of the industry in which companies operate, the digital transformation is gaining momentum every month. Even more so since people work so much in their own homes. Now is the time to create efficient structures in the long term and move from improvisation to permanent optimization. For the teams, the customers and the common goal – corporate success in a strong (digital) economy.

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