Gorillas online supermarket arrives in Spain with deliveries in 10 minutes

The German chain Gorillas, a small giant born in the pandemic and only 10 months old, disembarks in Spain. This only online supermarket, which comes to compete with Amazon and traditional supermarkets that have a virtual store, has a particularity with which it hopes to win consumers: it promises to take the purchase to the customer’s home in 10 minutes. From this Tuesday it will be available in Madrid and from July in Barcelona and Valencia, as well as coastal areas such as Marbella, Alicante, Murcia, Ibiza, Malaga and Mallorca.

Gorillas was born in Germany at the impulse of the Turk Kagan Sumer, who had seen how in the cities of his country a model of taking home purchases quickly was imposed. Already in Germany and spurred by the confinements of the pandemic, he decided to create this company that has already raised about 70 million euros in three rounds of financing.

The online store breaks with the usual time in online delivery. In fact, the company’s motto is “faster than you.” “In two minutes the order has to be prepared and in eight minutes it is delivered by a rider by bicycle “, he points Magdalena Szuszkiewicz, General Director of Gorillas for Spain. “We will be there the moment we start to cook, when the client comes home and does not have some products. We take him the purchase in 10 minutes and thus he does not have to order prepared food,” says the directive from the real estate WeWork .

Likewise, as a novelty, this supermarket distributes at any point, it does not have to be at a home, and it can be on the street, in a park or on the beach. In its business model, the company charges a shipping fee of 1.80 euros. Its catalog contains around 2,000 products, from groceries and beverages to other supermarket staples.

To prepare orders, the online supermarket has closed stores, not accessible to customers, or dark stores, like the dark kitchen that work only for food delivery at home.

The project has a strong real estate component, since the location of its dark stores They will be located within a radius of at most two kilometers in each delivery zone. That means that every four kilometers there may be one of these large stores. For this reason, Szuszkiewicz reveals that they are looking for real estate partners, investors willing to bet on the rental of this brand. “We look for everything that brings scalability.”

In fact, this firm has expanded very quickly in these months. They are already in 30 cities, including Paris, Amsterdam, London, Berlin and Munich, with an upcoming jump to New York. “In the pandemic, our business model has benefited,” says Szuszkiewicz. In Spain the growth will also be very fast. From 5:00 p.m. the brand’s app will be running in Madrid and the German company has planned to bet on the coast in July, where many of its potential customers travel. “It’s a hyper-ambitious plan. We want to be where people travel on vacation,” he adds. But according to the general director in Spain, later they will bet on other large cities.

In all cases, the company hires the riders that will take the purchase to the users. In this landing, the German company has had the legal advice of RTK Legal. The company has 2,000 delivery men.

One of the company mottos, moreover, is to avoid large purchases and food waste. “We want customers to eat fresh, to buy when they need it,” says Szuszkiewicz.

Since August of last year, this company has had three financing rounds in which it has raised 69.3 million dollars, according to Crunchbase, the last in this same month of June. Among the main investors are the US funds Coature, Tencent, DST Global and Fifth Wall. The company has already become what is known as a unicorn by exceeding a billion valuation.


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