The new free tool from Google enables retailers to increase their visibility in local marketing – just in time for the Christmas business.

Google’s Local Opportunity Finder provides retailers with individual tips for their appearance in Google search and on Google Maps. This should be able to find them faster and better overall in the local search queries of search engine users. Since many Christmas shoppers who have not yet got their presents shop online or at least find out about local shops with a quick Google search when visiting the store, digital presence is more important than ever for brands and companies.

Local Opportunity Finder as part of the ZukunftHandel initiative: Optimized company profiles to reach more people

Together with the German Retail Association (HDE), Google Germany already had the Initiative ZukunftHandel started. This is a digitization program that is particularly intended to increase the performance of retailers. To date, 400,000 people have been reached through this.

The new tool from the search engine company, the Local Opportunity Finder, is now another element of this initiative. If you want to use it to improve your own business, you can access it for free, as explained in the blog post. Users can simply enter the name of their company and then receive individual and directly implementable suggestions for optimizing the company profile. And if you are present on Google and present yourself there in a meaningful and customer-oriented way, you have a good chance of getting more Traffic – online and offline – and ultimately also sales. According to Google, a business in Germany scores with “a fully completed company profile almost four times more website visits compared to companies without a corresponding presence “. The number of calls and route inquiries also usually increases thanks to a completely filled profile.

A Google company profile should be completely filled out, © Google

Ten tips for optimizing your profile for Google

Together with the new tool for retailers, Google provides ten tips for improving your own business profile. This can be done by company owners in the newly named Google Business Profile area (formerly Google My Business) edit. Basic tips from the search engine company include the following:

  1. Claim and confirm your Company profile in Google search and on Google Maps.
  2. Make sure that your information in the profile is always up-to-date and confirm opening times, etc.
  3. Highlight your USP and special features, including those offered Products or services.
  4. Put in appropriate pictures from the store and that Company logo as an eye catcher.
  5. Find out whether the entrance, the seats and the toilets are barrier-free and thus help people who have the relevant needs.
  6. Use clear product catalogs or menus.
  7. Use current photos of the shop or the products; According to Google data from 2017, profiles with photos received around 42 percent more inquiries.
  8. ask for Feedback to the respective customer experiences. According to Google, two out of three customers say that positive reviews can make a difference in choosing a company or business.
  9. Enable direct messagesto make it easier for customers to contact us.
  10. Activate the booking function for reservations, appointments or services to achieve faster conversions.

Google wants to help many businesses now and in the future to develop their brand presence for the local Marketing to optimize. This helps them to boost their sales in the online and offline business. Google, in turn, is further strengthening its own position as the most important resource in the local search business. And more time users spend on Google’s Properties means even more opportunities for advertising income.

Improving the local Google ranking should be on the priority list of every company. The Salesurance e-book shows how the Google ranking works and which factors decide which company is ranked at the top by Google.

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