If you search for a podcast on Google, you will usually come across the display of the last three episodes – insofar as these are available via Google Podcasts. Now the platform seems to be testing a new design for the podcasts in Google search.

Recently there seems to be a new design for podcast carousels on Google search. If you search for a specific podcast on Google, the three most recent episodes of the same podcast have been displayed in a slightly larger view than the other search results for a long time. However, this is subject to the requirement that the program is available via Google Podcasts. If you click on one of the three episodes, you get to the Google Podcasts page. The podcast can then be listened to there. In addition, a lot more information is displayed here, such as the entire podcast description and other listening recommendations.

This is what the new design looks like

The previous design of the episodes on Google Search was kept relatively simple. It included a small visual, the title, the length of the episode, and the time of publication. Here is the old design:

© Jason Barnard / Twitter

Now, however, Google seems to have updated the design, as discovered by Twitter users Mordy Oberstein and Jason Barnard. The visual of the podcast is displayed much larger. The description is also a little longer. The new design looks like this:

© Jason Barnard / Twitter

The Keyword makes the difference

Thanks to the larger picture and also the longer description, the new design could certainly be perceived as more appealing by some users, and Google Podcasts could thus help more listeners. However, the new design seems to be still in the test phase and does not yet affect all podcasts. If you search for the coronavirus update from NDR Info, the podcast is still displayed in the old form.

For some other podcasts, the keyword seems to make all the difference. If you only enter the name of the program, it will be displayed in the old design. However, if you add the word podcast after the name, the new design appears in Google search, as Twitter user Mordy Oberstein found out.

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