There is a new display of the top stories on Google on the desktop. A message is highlighted in a special and visual way.

Anyone who comes across headlines on Google’s desktop should now find them in a new representation. Because Google has rolled out a new layout of the top stories for desktop search. The company confirmed that towards Search Engine Land. When we looked into Google search, we could already see the new design. It is roughly adapted to the presentation of the top stories in the mobile area and visually highlights a contribution.

Google’s new design for top stories: One story stands out

While the headlines in the mobile Google search are usually displayed in a kind of carousel and with a large picture above the title, the top stories in the new Google design are arranged next to each other like tiles on the desktop.

Headlines in the mobile Google search, screenshot Google

Google separates the stories from one another with fine lines. Different numbers of posts can appear next to each other in the search results in the headline area, sometimes five, sometimes seven, etc. It is noticeable that one story usually stands out because Google displays it with a larger image and in a larger tile. The two sample screenshots reflect this:

Headlines in the desktop search for the search query google
Headlines in the desktop search for the search query “google”, screenshot Google
Headlines in the desktop search for the search query coalition agreement
Headlines in the desktop search for the search query “coalition agreement”, screenshot Google

More traffic possible for publishers

In the old design, Google mainly lined up top stories, each of which was displayed in the same size. This view can currently still be found in various search queries. In addition, a carousel with headlines is often displayed on the desktop. Gradually, however, the new design could gain acceptance. And publishers in particular, who are featured prominently with their contribution, could do more as a result Traffic gain. What requirements Google has to make a story stand out has not yet been made clear. Google only stated to Search Engine Land that the design was also based on the mobile top stories:

We’re always working to make it easier for people to dive into the most useful, timely articles available through Search to help them form a better understanding of the world and the topics they care about most. This newly launched feature is the desktop version of the Top stories experience you can already find on mobile.

The next few months will show whether the new design will actually have a strong impact on traffic figures. But at least it should arouse the attention of many searchers and draw more glances to specific top stories.

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