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Google has improved the data output for the index coverage report. For example, there is now the new problem point “indexed without content”.

In the Google Search Console, website operators have the opportunity to understand how Google crawls and indexes their pages. The corresponding Index Coverage Report is therefore an important resource for webmasters. Since the launch of the new Search Console in 2018, there is also a newer version of this report. Now, based on feedback from the community, Google has rolled out improvements for the report, which should now provide even more detailed information about problems that prevent smooth indexing.

More precise 404 reporting, new problem type and further updates

Four specific aspects are new to the index coverage report. These are featured on the Google Search Central blog. This includes first of all removing the broad category of the crawling anomaly as a problem type. To this end, all crawling errors will be classified in a more granular problem category in the future. Also, pages that are submitted will be through robots.txt were blocked and still indexed, no longer displayed as “Submitted but blocked (error)”. Instead, it says “indexed but blocked (warning)”.

Furthermore, Google introduces the new problem type “indexed without content (warning)”. The report on index coverage then states:

This page is showing up in the Google index but for some reason Google was unable to read the content. This could be because the page used cloaking, or the page is in a format that Google cannot index. This is it Not to be blocked by robots.txt.

The fourth point of the update relates to the reporting of 404 errors. This should be much more accurate in the future. The changes are already integrated in the report on index coverage. Webmasters could identify new problem types when analyzing the page. As usual, there is the option to send feedback on the update to Google’s Search Central, via Twitter or in the Help community for the Google Search Console.

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