Good news: more emojis can be chosen in WhatsApp reactions

Reactions have not yet reached all users in WhatsApp and there are already news regarding what they offer in the trial version of the messaging application. According has been known everything indicates that the limitation of emojis is something that will not exist in this function that is most useful.

Reactions is an option that is available in other developments, such as Telegram or Facebook Messenger, and allows you to respond quickly with a emoji to a message received in an individual or group chat. The action to perform to achieve this is very simple: you will have to press continuously on the chosen option and then the possibilities to use the tool will appear. Very easy and useful, everything must be said.

The news that will exist in WhatsApp

What has been seen is that the company owned by Meta has decided -before its arrival in the application that has all users- increase the chances that exist when choosing an emoji. Therefore, the restriction of six that existed in the function that has some activated is eliminated. whatsapp testers. They were the following: heart; laughter; surprise; cry; Thank you; and thumbs up. It was a good choice, but better if there are no limitations.


As you can see in the image just before this paragraph, what has been seen in the trial version of WhatsApp is that an icon with the symbol “+“, which means that you will be able to access the entire database that the application has in relation to emojis. In this way, you can choose from any that represents that you are eating; passing through the one of anger; and, of course, the sports options that exist. An excellent possibility that, technically, is completely possible. Come on, it’s a success, but not a novelty because the same can be used in the Facebook messaging application.

still have to wait a bit

As we have indicated, these new options are maintained in the version of proof of the messaging application, so there are many users who cannot use it at the moment. As it will be a widely used option, WhatsApp will want to carry out a large number of tests before making it public, so it is possible that until summer reactions are not part of the service. But what is clear is that the intention is there.

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