Gmail for mobile will soon receive the function that everyone has been waiting for

If there is a free email service that has become a reference in the market, this is gmail. Its smooth operation and great usage options make it a great solution for practically all users. But like everything else, it is not a perfect tool and, for this reason, improvements are constantly launched from Google (such as the changing the interface of the web version which will soon be a reality). Well, it has been known that in a short time function will be added which was in high demand.

This has to do with the management of notifications that are received at the terminals mobiles. They will not change, but there will be the possibility of pause them if you are using the browser version of Gmail. This, therefore, will avoid duplicity when knowing that you have new emails, something that was almost a torment for many. Quite a success and, surely, that practically all users will make use of the aforementioned option.

Some users already have the function activated

The deployment has not happened for everyone, since as usual in everything that has to do with this email client, things go slowly -due to the large number of people who use it-. But in an update earlier this week began to unfold slowly, they are various those who have indicated that they can choose how notifications work.

Of course, the functionality is not activated by default. And this is because it is necessary to grant some permissions such as one called “know when this device is being actively used”. And, beware, once this is specifically activated, it is not exactly easy to revoke it because for this you have to access the section security and privacy from Gmail (by choosing Site Settings afterwards and going into Additional Permissions). Come on, it’s best to think about everything before confirming anything.


How do you know if you can use this novelty?

You will not have any doubts if you are one of those chosen to be able to enjoy this possibility, since once the function is activated from Google’s servers, a window appears indicating that it is available and, if you click on the button Continuethe activation process begins so that you stop receiving notifications of new emails on the phone in the event that you are accessing the web version of Gmail.

The truth is that this is a excellent addition that, surely, on more than one occasion you have believed that the Mountain View company should be included in its email client. And, luckily, you will finally be able to use it. Great news.

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