Hotels, airlines, buses and travel agencies have sent an unequivocal message this morning. “You have to survive with direct aid and ERTE until demand is reactivated and it is vital that travel vouchers are launched to boost domestic demand in summer,” he said. Mar de Miguel, Secretary General of the Madrid Hotel Business Association in the first session of the 1st CEOE Tourism Forum. A reactivation of the demand that will only come, as the presidents of the employers’ associations agreed, if vaccination is accelerated and the health passport is implemented so that tourists can move safely this summer.

At the inauguration, the president of CEOE, Antonio Garamendi, stressed that soon it will be time to negotiate a new renewal of the ERTE, in which tourism companies represent almost half of the suspended jobs. “We have already renewed them four times and now we have to make them last until December. The situation is different now, since the problem is one of solvency and not liquidity. Either companies are capitalized or it will be very difficult for us to return anything we have asked for ”, he stressed.

The employers ask to extend the ERTE until December and direct aid to survive

Garamendi made special emphasis on the need to eliminate the clause for maintaining employment in ERTEs of force majeure. “I prefer a company with eight workers than a closed one with ten,” stressed the CEOE president, who in the last renovation of the ERTE also proposed this abolition without success.

All the speakers agreed that the recovery in demand will be abrupt, but that it will only come with an adequate level of vaccination and with a clear reactivation plan to avoid confusion. “We have vaccines, PCR, antigens and the certainty that people want to travel. Now what we need is to have a recipe to cook all those ingredients: when will mobility begin to regain, when will borders open and what indicators will be used, “he said. Sergio Fernández, Director of Airports, Passengers, Cargo and Security of IATA Europe.


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