WhatsApp launches another security feature: From now on you can have all your messages automatically deleted after a day, a week or three months.

The meta Messenger would like to make communication even more private and secure for users. That is why Whatsapp has now launched a new function with which users can set so that all messages and chats are automatically deleted after a certain period of time. This means that users can decide whether their messages will disappear after 24 hours, seven or 90 days by default. WhatsApp explained:

Once switched on, you can specify that all messages in new individual chats that you or someone else start, or group chats that you create yourself, disappear again after a predetermined period of time. This innovation is an optional function, ie existing chats are neither changed nor deleted.

The Meta Messenger also writes that the chat partners will be informed if a: e user has activated the delete feature. WhatsApp also explains that users can “easily undo all or part of the setting”. Once deleted, messages cannot be retrieved.

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Against user skepticism: WhatsApp launches self-deleting messages for all chats

WhatsApp users have been able to use the automatic deletion for messages to adjust. So far, however, only for individual chats. Will Cathcart, WhatsApps CEO, explains in a tweet that Meta Messenger has now decided to roll out this feature for all conversations:

The delete function can be seen as the latest measure from WhatsApp to convince users of the security of the messenger. Because after WhatsApp announced new data protection regulations To introduce a standard sharing of user data outside of Europe with the parent company Meta, many users looked for alternative chat apps such as Signal. WhatsApp has tried hard ever sinceto convince users that their data is in the App are safe. It remains to be seen whether the new feature will help users to put more trust in the Meta Messenger again. WhatsApp remains by far the most popular messaging app worldwide

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