Free Now will invest 100 million to reach zero emissions by 2030

Free Now will invest 100 million to reach zero emissions by 2030

The Free Now urban mobility platform today presents its strategic sustainability plan whose main objective will be to become a zero CO2 emissions company by 2030. This roadmap provides for an intermediate milestone in 2025, the year in which the company anticipates that 50% of their trips are made in electric vehicles until they reach 100% zero emissions in 2030.

To do this, Free Now plans to invest 100 million euros over the next five years to promote the electrification of its vehicle fleet. Likewise, it will allow drivers to benefit from special subsidies if they opt for battery electric vehicles, as well as to take advantage of preferential rental and purchase conditions and different advantages when recharging their electric vehicles.

It will also offset all remaining emissions from 2020 and develop programs to the conservation and reforestation of forests, including the local planting of more than 20,000 trees in major European cities each year.

In the Spanish market, Free Now has 56% of hybrid and ECO vehicles in its fleet in Spain, of which 65% are located in Madrid, followed by Valencia (56%), Asturias (50%), Barcelona (45%), Seville (44%), and Malaga (35%). The company notes that During 2020, the majority of new registrations and renewals (85%) were for vehicles that respect the environment, the highest volume to date.

“In the field of mobility, notable progress has been made, with an increasingly relevant percentage of ECO-labeled taxis, for example, and more and more passengers are demanding sustainable options for getting around. But there is a lot of work ahead, both in regarding offering sufficient alternatives to discourage the private vehicle, as well as to electrify mobility in our cities “, he says Jaime Rodriguez, Country Manager of Free Now for Spain.

Free Now is the multi-service mobility company backed by automobile companies Daimler and BMW. In addition to the transportation service through taxis, the platform also offers micromobility and car-sharing services.


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