Although the fashion of becoming selfie at all times it goes down in history, these types of photos are still quite used to remember moments when you stay with friends or to have a different memory of the places you visit. We show you some tips for the best possible results with your smartphone.

The options that we are going to indicate will not make the sensor of the front camera of your phone improve as if by magic. But, yes, you will be able to carry out actions where you will get the most out of the hardware you have (and that, yes, you must be clear that it is the great limitation that you will never be able to overcome). In addition, the operating system used by the terminal is irrelevant, either iOS either Android.

Tips to get the best selfies with your mobile

These are the five tricks that you should consider using to improve in a quite obvious way the photos you take with the front camera that your terminal includes:

  • Avoid screen flash– The effectiveness of this option is quite questionable, especially when compared to what light rings offer. The fact is that within what is possible, try not to use it, since it does not gain much light and sometimes it blurs the details excessively. Therefore, if your terminal includes this option, it is better not to use it.
  • avoid backlight: This is true for both selfies and when you take a photo with the phone’s rear camera. If the sensor is facing a frontal light source, it will not be able to detect details and you may get a lot of shadows that will make your photo worthless. Important: If you use artificial aids, such as a ring light, avoid frontal use at eye level because dark circles will appear, which lowers the quality.
  • Angles are crucial: This is because the light acquisition varies from one to another quite noticeably in general. Don’t hesitate to play with them before taking the selfie. In addition, it is also interesting that those who appear in the photo move to different positions to avoid shadows as much as possible. That is, it is best to try different positions of phones and faces.
  • The wide angle is a good ally: More and more terminals offer this option on their front camera, and the truth is that this tool is of great help -especially when you take a group selfie-. A very important amplitude of the results is achieved, at the same time that a definition is achieved that is usually quite good. Therefore, if you have this possibility, do not hesitate to try it.
  • The timer is your friend: Unless you’re in a rush to take a selfie, it’s a great idea to use this feature. This way everyone can see when the photo will be taken and prepare for the best possible result. This even helps keep your hand much firmer if you have to use it. With this possibility you will touch perfection.


As you can see, the tips we have left are simple to use and they usually allow to improve in a crucial way the selfies that are taken. Therefore, do not stop using them now that summer is here and you will surely take a lot of selfies.

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