First partial strike at BBVA since the 1980s to protest the layoffs

CCOO, the majority union in BBVA, assures that “hundreds” of departments and branches of the entity with thousands of employees throughout Spain have stopped their activity this morning for an hour to demand a fair negotiation in the collective dismissal presented by the bank.

“Since the historic strikes in the banking sector in the 1980s, there had not been a follow-up of this type at BBVA,” adds CCOO, who considers the event a milestone that shows how the group’s network staff and central services are doing well. demanding an attitude of respect.

The negotiation between the bank and the unions to reduce about 3,500 jobs reaches its last third and in it, in the opinion of CCOO, the will of the bank to reduce the number of affected and that the exits take place must be reflected voluntarily and with early retirement.

While waiting for further progress to be made in today’s meeting, CCOO warns that the staff is summoned on May 31 to a partial strike from 9 to 11 hours, and is willing to “fight to the maximum” with a strike June 2.

The union claims that employees with a disability greater than 33% or serious illness, or those who have a dependent child with either of these two conditions, as well as victims of gender violence, be excluded from the job adjustment.

It also asks that in the case of marriages or common-law couples, one of the two people is excluded from dismissal.

CCOO also advocates the creation or reinforcement of support teams to cover workloads, sick leave or vacations instead of resorting to personnel hired by temporary work agencies.


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