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New Delhi: Amid an acute shortage of oxygen across the country, social media posts of homoeopathic medicine which increases your oxygen level have been doing the rounds. The post, which has been widely shared on all platforms of social media, claims that homoeopathy medicine Aspidosperma Q 20 can be taken as a substitute when oxygen levels fall.

The post written in Hindi says, “If the oxygen level is falling, then don’t wait for oxygen to be found. By giving ASPIDOSPERMA Q 20 drops in a cup of water, the oxygen level will be maintained immediately, which will always remain balanced. This is homoeopathic medicine. Don’t waste your time searching for oxygen. Share it faster because you never know someone’s life will be saved.”

Rubbishing the report, the Ministry of Ayush took to Twitter and claimed that social media posts making such claims are absolutely false. The Ministry stated that it prohibits advertisements from unverified sources claiming to treat COVID-19 infection. In another tweet, the ministry warned people not to self-medicate in critical conditions while iterating that “a case requiring oxygen rehabilitation or medicinal support is solely dependent upon the discretion of the treating physician.”

“Fake post circulating on social media claims that Homeopathy medicine Aspidosperma Q 20 can be taken as a substitute for oxygen when oxygen levels fall. #AyushFactCheck: Ministry of Ayush prohibits advertisements with claims for treatment of #Covid19 from #unverified sources,” the Ministry tweeted. 

Know all about Aspidosperma Q20

Aspidosperma Q20 is a homoeopathy remedy that is used to treat health issues associated with the respiratory system. The medicine is beneficial for those who suffer from Asthama and influenza. The usage of Aspidosperma Q20 helps in breathing by relieving congestion in the chest and prevents frequent coughing. However, this remedy is not a substitute for medical oxygen which is required by those infected with the coronavirus. 

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