It was THE news on Monday evening: WhatsApp, Instagram and Facebook are down. The failure of the platforms also had positive effects – above all for the competition.

Many users yesterday had to do without the apps of the Facebook family for up to six hours. The failure not only affected the Facebook platform itself, but also the Instagram and WhatsApp subsidiaries. Of the Messenger service as well as the social networks contacted the users via their Twitter account and apologized for the inconvenience. The competitor platform Twitter benefited from the failure of the Facebook apps anyway. Because the short message service was able to record a considerable increase in users in the hours when there were problems with the competition. Twitter greeted the numerous users in a humorous way:

But not only the platform benefited from the failure of Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp. Individual users and accounts have also seen a significant increase in followers since the incident. For example, both Social-Media-Expert Matt Navarra as well as the profile WABetaInfo that they welcomed many new members to their community on Twitter during the night from Monday to Tuesday.

And that’s no surprise, after all, both accounts provided updates on Instagram and WhatsApp. Many users hoped to get information on the profiles as soon as the Facebook platforms were available again.

Signal, Telegram and Co .: Messenger alternatives benefit from the WhatsApp failure

The failure of the Messenger-Drop service WhatsApp for Facebook. Because many of the over two billion active users: inside gave way in the time when the newsApp was not available, turned to alternative chat services. Of the controversial messenger Telegram caused amusement among many followers with a tweet:

The privacy-friendly chat service Signal, on the other hand, was publicly pleased with the large increase in users. However, the messenger announced that such a large influx of users would also have led to its own problems. Compared to the WhatsApp failure, however, these are marginal.

Corrected a bug: Facebook spokesman explains that the apps have failed

Unlike Telegram, Signal also wished the employees at WhatsApp every success in solving the problem. And that seems to have worked. In the night from Monday to Tuesday, the platforms were apparently repaired. Initially, many users suspected that the The failure was caused by a hacker attack was. However, this was quickly denied by numerous experts. Because the systems of Instagram, WhatsApp and Facebook are too different to be able to paralyze them all at the same time with one attack.

Facebook itself has now been able to determine the reason for the failure. In one Blog post writes Santosh Janardhan, VP Infrastructure bei Facebook:

Our engineering teams have learned that configuration changes on the backbone routers that coordinate network traffic between our data centers caused issues that interrupted this communication.

Janardhan also writes that so far there has been no evidence that user data has been stolen or damaged.

Will users return to Facebook services after the failure?

Even after the Facebook apps are available again for most users, the question remains: Are users going back to the platforms of the social group? At least with WhatsApp, many users are likely to consider whether they should stick with the alternative messenger. Like Signal, these have the advantage that they are usually more privacy-friendly than Facebook’s messaging app.

In the case of Instagram and the Facebook platform, the failure has shown how dependent users and companies are on the apps, for example in order to stay in contact with their community and potential buyers. And that despite the fact that Facebook has come under increasing criticism in the past few weeks. Only recently revealed a whistlebowerwhich questionable patrics the social group pursues in order to make a profit. Perhaps the failure is an impulse for many to reconsider their own use of the Facebook apps.

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