Have you accidentally clicked Send too early or sent a message that you shouldn’t have sent? For these cases, Facebook Messenger now offers a delete option for sent messages.

The Facebook Messenger gets a new feature that should meet with open arms from many users. Because with the unsend function, users can simply delete a message in the messenger from the recipient’s inbox. However, this only works for the first ten minutes after the message was sent. The reason: The unsend function is to be used in Facebook Messenger to correct errors or incorrect information.

The fact that users are able to delete messages afterwards is nothing new. With the meta messenger WhatsApp there is already the option “For all participants: delete inside”. As with this feature, the user is shown in the chat process by means of a tombstone icon that a message has been permanently removed by the author.

The previous Remove function in Facebook Messenger, © Facebook

Meta wants to roll out the unsend feature for Facebook Messenger globally soon

Meta gives opposite TechCrunch indicates that the deleted messages will continue to be saved by Meta for a short time in order to prevent cyber bullying. This is because hate messages that have been reported but removed can be tracked more easily.

For the time being, the new feature is only available in Poland, Bolivia, Columbia and Lithuania for iOS and Android available. A meta press person stated, however, that the function will gradually be rolled out globally. The social group also stated that they are working on additional deletion features for the messenger. It could be that in the future users will be able to set a date on which the sent message or a selected thread will be automatically deleted. When the unsend feature for Facebook Messenger will come to Germany is still unknown.

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