End of the social bonus for the self-employed.  Last fifteen days to apply

The Social Bonus for the self-employed is a measure for self-employed workers who have seen their activity reduced due to the pandemic. Specifically, it allows access to a 25% discount on the electricity bill, in the event that the self-employed person is in cessation of activity due to COVID-19. Or because your billing has been reduced by an average of 75% compared to the previous semester.

Measure that remains active, although it ends in two weeks: on February 28, 2022, which will be the last day on which the aid can be requested.

Requirements to accept

In addition to presenting the document of cessation of activity or demonstrating the drop in billing, the self-employed person needs the supply point is in your name. That is, if it is a limited company and the supply point is in the name of this legal entity, it will be necessary to change it and put it in the name of the natural person, if you want to access the aforementioned reduction.

It will be mandatory for the point of supply is contracted with a reference marketer (also known as regulated). Therefore, the electricity tariff must be a PVPC (Voluntary Price for Small Consumers).

These types of rates are regulated by the Government and the marketers that offer them do not compete with each other on prices. They all have the same configuration and costs. The eight regulated marketers in Spain are: Energía XXI, CHC COR, Curenergía, Regsiti, Gas & Power, Baser COR, Teramelcor and Energía Ceuta. You have to contact any of them and contract their PVPC rate to access the help of the social bonus for freelancers.

On the other hand, we have some income limits that affect the entire family unit. The following income scales must be met if you want to access the social bonus:

– In the case of not being part of a family unit or not having minors, the income limit is set at 18,797.97 (2.5 times the IPREM of 14 payments). The IPREM is the Public Income Indicator for Multiple Effects and is used as a scale to access certain types of aid, such as this social bonus.

– If there is a minor in the family unit, this limit rises to €22,589.28 (three times the IPREM of 14 payments)

– If you have two dependent minors, we go to 3.5 times the IPREM. That is, 26,354.16

What does a self-employed person have to do to access the social bonus?

Each reference marketer has a specific email for this matter, to which the interested party must send certain documentation. The deadline to do so is February 28.

Endesa Energia XXI, SLU – [email protected]

Curenergía Marketer of Last Resort, SAU – [email protected]ía.es

Regulated retailer, GAS & POWER, SA – [email protected]

Baser Reference Marketer, SA – [email protected]

Régsiti Reference Marketer SLU – [email protected]

Marketer of Energy Reference, SLU – [email protected]

Teramelcor, SL (only Melilla users) – [email protected]

Energía Ceuta XXI Reference Marketer, SAU (only in Ceuta) – [email protected]

As this newspaper has been able to confirm with one of the marketers, the discount is usually granted on all invoices issued over a year since its approval. Although the professional is obliged to inform the marketer if the economic situation changes that has allowed him to access the discount before the end of that year.

To the email address of the marketer in question you must send:

Copy of ID of the owner of the supply point, and of the members of the family

Family Bookif there is a family unit

– Certificate of census in the direction of the supply point

– Certificate of the Tax agency or Autonomous Community accrediting the cessation of activity of the self-employed

Application form for the social bonus for self-employed workers, where the personal data of the professional and the reasons for which the help is requested will be recorded. This model can be downloaded from the following official website: https://www.mscbs.gob.es/ssi/covid19/documentos/Modelo-5.docx

Deadlines and activation of aid

The reference marketers have five business days to respond to the request. It may happen that they have detected some anomaly with the documentation that accredits the condition that gives access to help. In that case, they will detail where the error is to be corrected.

After checking all the data again, a letter is sent to the interested party with the final result, indicating from what moment the social bonus will apply to electricity bills. As in the previous step, the marketer must make this question within a maximum period of five business days.

After the final approval, it will be taken into account the first billing day after the completed application is received with all the necessary supporting documentation.

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