the players chrome cast, one of Google’s biggest hardware successes ever, hasn’t received any major updates in a long time. As well, has been known that there is an improvement to this device that you will surely love: a considerable advance in the use of the screensaver.

Currently, in the Google accessory, we specifically talk about the one that uses the Google TV operating system, which is the most current, it allows you to use this option once the device is not used for a while. But, the truth is that the poscapabilities offered are quite limited. Apart from being able to choose which data is displayed, such as the time, little more can be done than select photos from the gallery itself or chosen by the Mountain View company itself. But this will change.

Great news in the Chromecast screensaver

It is true that for quite some time Google had indicated that it was working on to get better crucially the use of this option offered by their players. But, shortly after the company’s developer convention is held, an update has begun to be deployed -in a limited way, yes- so that it can be customize much more the screensaver that is seen after the accessory goes to sleep.

Depending on the source of the information, and who has received the novelty we are talking about, those who are also lucky enough to get it will have the possibility to choose between different possibilities ordered in cards. These range from collections of images even the possibility of including musical elements that will be activated when the screensaver jumps.


Additionally, there will also be many more configuration options in the Google TV Settings. Attention is drawn to the possibility of a smart and proactive use to choose the content that best suits the user, taking into account the consumption of multimedia content that is usually done with the Chromecast.

Also for TV?

Well, there is good news in this regard, since the Smart TVs that have the latest Google operating system for this type of device they will also receive the corresponding update which, luckily, is activated remotely from the servers of the North American firm. In addition, in the included image that we have left in the article it is clearly seen that work has been done to offer a selection interface with small cards and in the lower area -which fits perfectly because users usually use the televisions that use the software we are talking about-. In other words, progress beyond Chromecast players.

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