Coca-Cola EP proposes an ERE to 360 workers in the commercial area in Spain

Coca-Cola European Partners has transferred this Friday to the company’s unions its intention to undertake an Employment Regulation File (ERE) to 360 of its workers in Spain, the equivalent of 10% of its workforce. Those affected will be mainly from your commercial area.

This was announced by the company this Friday at the permanent dialogue table that it maintains with the representatives of the workers and the five federations that make up the group in Spain. The adjustment is part of the restructuring process that Coca-Cola’s main independent bottler is undertaking at the European level, and which in a first phase led to the closure of its Malaga factory at the end of 2020, in which 80 people worked.

What was announced today is a second part of that plan, and this time it does not affect the industrial part but the commercial and distribution part, specifically nine of the twenty companies that make up the group in Spain. Coca-Cola EP’s intention is “to undertake a process of reorganization, optimization and homogenization of its commercial area” to simplify the way in which it markets and distributes its products.

According to its sources, currently coexist up to five different models depending on the areas of the country and the intention is to reduce them to a homogeneous one in which CCEP will continue to assume part of the process, such as market prospecting, development, activation or billing, while storage or delivery phase will be outsourced. The company at the European level has been developing for a long time the model called “Route to market” with which it aims to gain “efficiency and effectiveness”. This will also lead to adjustments in the general services area.

The official communication of the layoff plan will take place next week, and from then on the schedule for negotiations with the unions will be set. CCEP hopes to undertake it in a “constructive” climate with the intention of seeking formulas that allow the impact to be “the least possible.”


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