Cobra wins a contract with the Air Force for 2.4 million

The company Cobra Instalaciones y Servicios has signed a contract of 2.4 million euros for the maintenance of more than 1,900 equipment of support from the Air Force for the next three years.

The file covers the review of 330 starter equipment of engines and cleaning of aircraft hydraulic systems, 1,500 Aircraft runway service equipment, including rescue or towing vehicles and loading means, and 86 test benches used for the evaluation, verification or calibration of different aircraft systems and components, such as hydraulic actuators, instruments or air intakes.

The company will carry out component replacement work, revisions complete, even involving the replacement of motor, generators or turbines, and modifications to update them to the most recent version.

The Headquarters for Economic Affairs of the Logistics Support Command of the The Air Force (Malog) launched last October the tender for the maintenance of the aforementioned support equipment.

During the process, up to seven companies submitted offers: Cobra Facilities and Services, Einsa, ITE, ADC, Cohemo, Electrón Coslada and Sonovisión Ingenieros. Finally, the contracting authority selected Cobra’s bid for the highest score.

The Air Force decided to commission the maintenance work of these teams to a private company due to lack of means. “In no case, with the available means, can it be carried out complex tasks, such as overhaul, rebuilds or modifications in the software that will extend the useful life of the support team, “he said. in the justifying memory of the contract.

It also argued that “the Air Force units in which The services that are intended to be contracted will be provided do not have technical capacity, documentation and personnel resources to attend the all the responsibilities assigned, being necessary to provide of additional capabilities by outsourcing services. The lack of capacity and resources reaches the productive area and the area knowledge (engineering) “.


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