Cellnex opens a share buyback program for employees of 24.7 million

Cellnex Telecom will launch a company share buy-back program that will be used for delivery to employees for an amount of up to a maximum of 24.7 million euros, as reported by the group to the Spanish National Market Commission. Securities (CNMV).

Specifically, the maximum number of shares to be acquired by the firm in execution of said program will be 520,000 shares, which represent 0.076% of Cellnex’s current share capital.

The shares will be acquired at market price and the repurchase program, which will have Caixabank as main manager, will be in force for a maximum period of one month, unless, prior to that date, the maximum number of shares has been reached. they had acquired shares for the maximum amount set, or if another circumstance arises that makes it advisable.


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