CaixaBank will detail the number of people affected by the ERE on Tuesday, but it will exceed 7,000 exits

As expected, CaixaBank has not provided figures to the unions on the foreseeable exits of employees after the merger with Bankia. CaixaBank’s management has commented that it will specify to the labor representatives what their needs are, the details of the causes and the measures that it intends to carry out next Tuesday, April 20.

In this way, the informal period prior to the negotiation of the collective dismissal process and the substantial modification of working conditions has begun, which will potentially affect all work centers.

The bank has also expressed its intention to maintain the conditions applicable to templates. In any case, in the meeting that took place today, the first of them, only substantive aspects, fundamentally formal, have been dealt with and the meeting calendar has been set.

The table prior to the process has also been established, the representativeness of unions has been attributed, the dialogue of union sections and the formal process table has been established, in which CCOO is established as the majority.

Precisely the constitution of the table has been the subject of some controversy, since the UGT wanted all the unions with representation in the entity to sit there. In fact, its constitution has been left for the next meeting.

CC OO, the majority union, has explained that it has asked that articles 41 (relative to the substantial modification of working conditions) and 51 (collective dismissal) of the Workers’ Statute be withdrawn from the negotiation because they “restrict the negotiation.” The UGT has only requested the withdrawal of article 41. In it, the constitution of the previous table and the formal one must be the same

The prior consultation period will last at least fifteen days and will subsequently give way to formal negotiations that could be concluded in the second quarter of the year.

Depending on the will of the negotiating table, the number of positions affected, which will exceed 7,000, and the conditions established in the first offer launched by the bank may be reduced and improved, respectively.


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