CaixaBank reduces its ERE by another 205 people and stands at 7,400 exits

CaixaBank and the unions met again today to try to resolve the conditions and the number of people affected by their employment regulation file. Now, the entity has reduced the impact of the collective dismissal to 7,400 people, 205 less than the last proposal and almost 900 less than the 8,291 extinctions initially raised, according to sources from the entity.

The bank has lowered layoffs in the commercial network by 205 employees, bringing exits to 7,400.

The management has reaffirmed its commitment that the 686 relocations planned in subsidiary companies will be made while maintaining the fixed salary and seniority.

In addition, they will have the possibility of reincorporation to CaixaBank, at the employee’s will, after six years in the event of a vacancy within a radius of 50 kilometers from the worker’s destination center. There would also be a right of return in the event that the subsidiary leaves the group’s scope of control.

At today’s meeting, new proposals have also been made regarding the flexibility of the commercial network and working conditions, while in terms of compensation for dismissals, the management has once again asked the unions for a new proposal that is “acceptable. “by the entity.

After the one-hour strike that took place this Monday and that supported 87% of CaixaBank’s workforce, according to the unions, and suspended the call for a strike, the entity undertook to study the possibility of reducing the number of dismissals from the company. commercial network using the excess staff to cover the needs of the offices in terms of coverage of long-term leaves, paternity or maternity or vacations, among others.

The bank also accepted the study of formulas for the territorial redistribution of departures in order to be able to accept the maximum number of requests for voluntary adhesion in those places where there is a surplus of interested parties in requesting the incentivized leave plan, always in accordance with business needs.

Likewise, it extended the formal negotiation period until June 29 to reach an agreement with the unions, which for their part withdrew the call for a strike scheduled for June 9.

Today BBVA is also expected to reach an agreement with the unions to close the negotiations of its ERE, which will affect less than 3,000 employees, compared to the 3,800 initially proposed.


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