CaixaBank, ready to reduce layoffs in the ERE and prioritize volunteers with transfers

CaixaBank has decided to extend the negotiations with the unions to reach an agreement on the dismissals that it plans to carry out until June 29. In addition, sources from the entity have explained that they will study the possibility of reducing the number of dismissals from the commercial network using the excess workforce to cover the needs of the offices in terms of coverage of long-term, paternity or maternity leave or vacations, among others, as the unions have proposed.

Currently, these needs are covered with temporary external hires, so that by maintaining a staff surplus in some offices, the teams would have room to organize and cover such leave or vacations among themselves, as proposed by the workers’ representatives.

The volume of people who could be part of this workforce surplus has not yet been quantified, so for the moment the collective dismissal continues to affect 7,605 workers.

Another union proposal that the entity has accepted is the study of formulas for the territorial redistribution of departures with the aim of being able to accept the maximum number of requests for voluntary adhesion in those places where there is a surplus of interested in requesting the incentivized leave plan , always in accordance with business needs.

Regarding the compensation for the termination of contracts, CaixaBank has asked the union labor representation to work on a proposal “acceptable by the entity and in accordance with the reality of the banking business”, since the one presented last week by the labor representation, with Early retirement from the age of 49 would have a cost of 4,000 million for CaixaBank, which the company sees as excessive.

These advances in negotiation came after the one-hour strike that 87% of CaixaBank’s workforce supported, according to union calculations. The entity’s decision also comes once the advances with BBVA, the other bank that currently has an ERE underway, reach an agreement with the unions tomorrow.

The unions have decided to suspend the strike call that the main unions had called at CaixaBank for Wednesday, June 9.


During the meeting, the labor representation has formally requested the extension of the formal negotiation period, which expired on June 10.

CaixaBank’s management has proposed extending the consultation period until June 29 to reach an agreement with the unions, with meetings on Tuesdays and Wednesdays for the next three weeks.


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